Projects in Development

Plaine, Jane: the Musical

Plaine, Jane: the Musical is a one act musical that follows the journey of Jane Plaine. Like her name suggests her life has been... bland. She wants more but sometimes 'more' comes with complications you never expected. 

Plaine, Jane: the Musical is currently in writing development.

Untitled: a Song Cycle

This untitled song cycle follows a married couple who decide to go on a road trip in an attempt to save their marriage. This one trip forces them to make realisations about themselves and each other.

This song cycle is also currently in writing development stages.

Starting from the End: a Song Cycle

This song cycle tells the story of a Man who has recently split with his partner. As he packs his old life away he finds momentos that force him to reminisce on the highs and the lows of his relationship.

This song cycle is in writng development stages.


All these projects are open to creatives for collaboration and dramaturgy.